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AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)
AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)
AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)
AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)
AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)
AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)
AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)
AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)
AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)
AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)
AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)
AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)
AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)
AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)

AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)

  • Product code: AB PULSE 4K MINI
  • Brand: AB
  • Availability: Available
  • Weight: 1,04 kg (brutto)
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AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X)
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AB PULSe 4K - How to update the software




AB PULSe 4K MINI (1x tuner DVB-S2X) is a receiver with UHD resolution and ENIGMA 2 operating system in a minimalistic and elegant design. A beautiful 4K picture is a matter of course, as well as HDR/HDR10 and HLG picture standards. A quad-core processor with 15000 DMIPS, 8GB FLASH memory and 1GB DDR4 RAM take care of performance and agile responses. The receiver includes a built-in DVB-S2X tuner.

The elegant and minimalist design of the receiver will fit into any living room. There is a status LED on the front panel that indicates whether the receiver is on, off or in stand-by mode. You can turn off the LED illumination completely if required. On the rear panel there is a built-in DVB-S2X satellite tuner, 1x card reader slot, 1x CI module slot, 1x microSD card slot, 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0. From the connector equipment you will also find S/PDIF optical digital audio output, Ethernet RJ45, IR extender for IR eye connection (located in the receiver package), power switch and input for external DC 12V-2A power supply.


What is true for the PULSe 4K receiver is also true in this case. The PULSe 4K MINI gives you a beautiful picture in UHD quality with the popular Enigma 2 graphical interface, which you know from other receivers in the HIGH-END class.

Take advantage of the possibilities this operating system offers you with plugins for a better TV viewing experience. Customise your device environment to suit your preferences and add a new dimension to your TV viewing experience.

The great advantage of this receiver is the simultaneous decoding of two programs from the CI module in real time, which will be appreciated by everyone when watching a live broadcast and simultaneously recording another program at the same time.
One PULSe 4K MINI device can of course provide content distribution for your TV. But in addition, you can watch other TV broadcasts in real time on your other two mobile devices and one computer.
2 x Mobile device (Multi - Transcoding)
1 x Personal computer (Web Interface)
1 x TV (HDMI)

In addition to storing your recordings on an external HDD, you can also choose a more elegant solution, which is microSD card . The MicroSD card fully replaces the functions of an external HDD and, most importantly, eliminates the unwanted sounds of standard external HDDs.
Calculating the capacity utilization of microSD cards:
- on 32GB microSD card can store approx. 13 hours recordings
- on 64GB microSD card can store approx. 25 hours recordings
- on 128GB microSD card can store approx. 50 hours recordings

*The data is approximate depending on the bitrate of the program you recorded from, as each program has a different bitrate.

You can also control the PULSe 4K MINI receiver via your mobile phone. You can also use your mobile phone or tablet as a remote control. On your phone, you can see what is currently being broadcast on TV and set remotely what your PULSe should do. Need to record a movie or your favourite TV show? With your mobile phone, it's just a few clicks away. Your PULSe 4K MINI will store all your recordings and you can watch them anytime you need to via your mobile or tablet. If you have a recognised TV but need to move somewhere else, there's nothing easier than moving your TV broadcasts to your mobile device.

For Android devices we recommend the app dreamDroid .
For Apple devices we recommend the app e2Remote Lite .

To the receiver can also connect external WiFi antenna , which will provide you with wireless internet access.

Technical specification

  • 1x tuner DVB-S2X
  • Processor: QUAD CORE, 15 000 DMIPS
  • Flash: 8GB EMMC
  • RAM: 1GB DDR4
  • 1x card reader
  • 1x CI slot
  • 1x HDMI
  • 1x microSD card slot (microSD card recording possible)
  • 1x USB 3.0 + 1x USB 2.0
  • Video decoding: 4K x 2K@60 10-bit decoding, 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 720 x 480, 720 x 576
  • HDR/HDR10 to HLG
  • Transcoding: Multi transcoding a Multiroom podpora
  • LED status light
  • Ethernet RJ45: 10/100 Mbps
  • S/PDIF optical digital audio output
  • IR extender for IR eye (included)
  • Video Format: 4:3 Letter Box, 4:3 Pan Scan, 16:9
  • Video Decoding: MPEG1, MPEG2, H264, H265 HEVC, CAVS, VP8, VP9
  • Audio Decoding: MPEG-1 layer I/II, PCB downmix, IEC958 SPDIF Left / Right / Stereo / Mono
Výrobca AB
Rozlíšenie UHD 4K
Čítačka kariet UNI
CI slot 1 x
Tuner ÁNO
Tuner terestriálný NIE
Tuner káblový NIE
Operačný systém Enigma
Displej NIE
HDMI vstup NIE
Ethernet 100 MBPS
WiFi Externá USB (nie je súčasťou balenia)
Bluetooth NIE
Digitálny audio SPDIF Optický
Analógový audio výstup NIE
HDD Externý USB
Zdroj napájania Externý 12V
FastScan FastScan
AllScan NIE
Flash 8 GB
Napájanie ÁNO s možnosťou nahrávania
Počet dekódov. kanálov pomocou CI slotu 2 kanály
Transcoding Dual transcoding
Dekódovanie videa 4kx2kp60 H.264
EAN 8588003817457



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